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Path to Undead Berg by Jacob-Cross
I looked all through the area, and the more I looked, the less I knew I wasn't strong to overcome anything, shortly after finding the area to the Darkroot Garden, I found a path that led to The Valley of the Drake, and came upon a corpse of a long dead dragon, after running past a few drakes that is, as I looted the dead body's near the dead dragon, it turns out, this beast still had some life in him, I soon found the path to Blighttown, it was dark and foul, but still beyond my current strength, so I want back.

Lordran by Jacob-Cross
I then decided to explore around Undead Burg, and found a new area that led down into the city, was attacked by black dogs, hollows, and undead bandits, as well as a boss room, I checked it out, and found new black dogs, and a large demon waiting for me, but there was more, they was a stairway near the demons area, and soon found myself in a waterway, as well as a female undead selling moss, I then decided to head back to Firelink Shrine, and thanks to the waterway, it was more faster then heading back the way I came.

New Londo Ruin by Jacob-Cross
As I was wondering more around the area of the Firelink Shrine, I found a hidden area next to that huge tree that was next to the bonfire, I saw that golden knight just sitting there, as well as The Fire-keeper too, after talking with them, I continued downwards, and found myself in New Londo Ruins, it was all ghosts n' ghouls down there, the hollows left me alone, but the ghosts, they were tough, but thanks to an item, I was able to slay a few of them, and I have to say... KILL IT WITH FIRE! Because the firebombs take down there health by half... good to know.

Gaping Dragon 1 by Jacob-Cross
After getting stronger from all those taking down as many ghost as I can, I knew I couldn't continue, not while I was at my current strength, so I want back into Undead Burg, and despatched that Demon and his hounds, ranged-conbat was my only hope, and it was the best move to taking down the demon, once I got the keep to the depts of the city, I then found myself in a kitchen, after dealing with the hounds and hollows, I then want to fight the Maneating-Butcher, but as it turns out, there were two of them, and a man about to be eater by her as well, it was his lucky day, as for me, more was still to come down below...

What happened next, is to come later on, but I will say this, I only told a few of what happened :XD:

A lot has happened, and trying to remember is a lot of work as well, but not much of a challenge either, at least I remember where a lot of the traps, monsters, and dead-ends are, I may not be able to remember some things, but others I can, and to those who are reading this, at least you'll know what to expect when you make your dungeon crawl in this game lol :XD:…


PC-NAME: Jacob Cross

Life is like a Video Game, so why not play along, and enjoy with every moment you have in it.

[Question and Dares]: OPEN

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Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Classical, Video game, Traditional, metal, rock, and Old Folk.
Favourite style of art: Anime
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Touch
Skin of choice: My own, please!
Favourite cartoon character: Link and Mario!


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Those wacky Harkonnen men.... They sure can harbour a gruge.
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I love that website XD
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yeah x3
go check more if bored, it's interesting with quips on japanese culture and language, the difficulty at times to adapt to other cultures and languages, etc... good for a gamer-scholar
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Maybe I will... :meow:
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Like before, I have to ask what is the request before I give my answer U_U
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