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Ok guys and gals, Questions and Dares are opening up all over again, but like last time, I'm only opening up 10 slots, just so I can slowly get back into the mood of drawing all over again, but all and all, I'm sure you have tons of questions and dares to ask me, but like I said, 10s the limit, so, first come first serve, but also remember to READ THE RULES BEFORE YOUR ASK ME ANYTHING! Anywho, before we get into asking away, I would like to point out that, there are some new OCs to ask some new questions and dares, yea :dummy:

HE-TRC: Young Jacob, Young Daniel, Young Eliza, Sir Alan Cross, Young Rose Lockheart, Young Mary, Young Milli
HE TRC: Ask OCs [Jacob's Childhood Years] by Jacob-Cross

HE-TRC: Jacob Cross, Fantasy Jacob, Warrior Jacob, Knight of the Cross
HE TRC: Ask Jacob Cross by Jacob-Cross

HE-T7C: Rose Lockheart, Mary Baker, Milli Baker
HE T7C: Ask OCs [Rose, Mary, and Milli] by Jacob-Cross

HE-TTC: The Crimson Knight, The Metal Knight, The Earth Knight, The Aqua Knight, The Thunder Knight, The Forest Sage, The Wind Cleric
HE-TTC: Ask OCs [Heroes of Memory] by Jacob-Cross

HESW: Jacob Cross, The Shattered Knight, The Reaper, The Black Rider, The Inferno Knight, The God of Death.
HESW: Ask Jacob Cross by Jacob-Cross

Now, I have a few rules about asking Jacob a question, and this will make it easier for me as well, when you ask him a question or a dare, make sure to post it in this entry ok, I do all my Questions and Dares in order, but posting it in either this entry of in my main page makes it a little confusing and hard to find, but then again, I'm sure others have to deal with this as well.

And as for submitting your questions or dares to me, make sure you post them up to me like this...

Question: "[write your question or dare here]"


[Name of OC]: "I have a [Question or dare], [Write your question or dare here]"

As for one other thing before you start asking me away, sometime in the future, I don't know when, I will post up another Ask Drawing, just like the ones you guys (and gals) see above there, but instead of just Jacob in it, I will add others OCs into the drawing as well, so it won't just be Jacob all the time, he might have someone alongside him to help answer the questions (And hopefully not Dare) that you will give them.

- Dare 68To HE-TRC:… This little dark elf is visiting the surface and is not happy about it. Therefor I dare you to try, and brighten her day a bit. . . . or possibly darken, cause this is a dark elf after all. Bright hurts her night accustomed eyes.
Anyway play with her or maybe give her something to eat that isn't a lemon. Do something to jolly her up a bit. :) (Smile)

- Question 145HE-TRC Cross: May you spar with Ortix (… ) to train him for his adventures to come?
- Question 146Miss Lockheart: May you teach Yuni (… ) how to be a PROPER lady?
Note: She might be a bit tough to work with, however her cluelessness might help a bit...

- Question 147Question for Rose Lockheart:
Milo… : *A little goblin child no more than 2 feet tall scurries over and gently tugs on her dress to get her attention, when he does he looks up at her with a big grin and says* :iconlarryplz: Excuse me Miss Lady~, I've been lost for five hours~. *He says in a surprisingly cheery manner* Can you help me find my brothers~?
- Question 147Question for Sir Allen Cross from Senior Menos Senior Menos: Skilled Swordsman :
Senior: You look like a gentleman who has a great deal of skill. Would you care for a duel?

- Question 149 - Mali, to Jacob: "Hellooo, my favorite knight! It's been a while since I've been to the, uh, outside world, and I miss it. How about you bring me a present to cheer me up? Please?"
- Dare 69It is summer now, warm and sunny (mostly), so...
DARE for HE-TRC :iconjacob-crossplz: !
Mara: Ah, lovely day outside... ^^ no? would you come with me to this clearing for a friendly picnic? ^-^ *Big sweet smile and warm blood red eyes* I'll pack quickly the basket...

- Question 150Hmmm...........For HESW Jacob Cross sense he has lots of weapons!
Lemon: ummmm......(Hissing noises.......) I have a question?.................Can you teach me to use a warhammer?

- Question 151HESW Cross- Question
Sarah: "Hey Cross, care for a sparring match? I need to let off some steam."…


PC-NAME: Jacob Cross

Life is like a Video Game, so why not play along, and enjoy with every moment you have in it.

[Question and Dares]: OPEN

:bulletyellow: Email:
:bulletgreen: XBOX LIVE: Jacob Cross17
:bulletblue: Facebook:…

:iconjacob-crossplz: Icon was Created by :iconjacob-cross:

Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Classical, Video game, Traditional, metal, rock, and Old Folk.
Favourite style of art: Anime
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Touch
Skin of choice: My own, please!
Favourite cartoon character: Link and Mario!


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A MAD classic x3
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20+years later, it is still a 'HOLY CRAP!' moment I'd say...
Hey, that's a 'ballsy' (AH!) alternate way to wound the Queen! o.o I didn't kne that trick!
Jacob-Cross Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Oh wow...
theubbergeek2 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
'Twas not a very heavy story set game, but you can feels that things are going bad, worse to worse, as you go deep in that weird planet... And lo, you find yourself face to face with the litteral mother of all baddies (mostly).

The guy is quite skilled, it is actually an hard fight if you ask me, quite so. You better have fetched all the stuff that you could.. Moma is ferocious and soild as heck.
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